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Fuels Filtering

advanced equipment of diesel fuel filtration which enables water treatment and dissolved water in diesel fuel, and treatment of pollutants and organisms (bacteria, fungi, yeast) using De-Bug technology that combines the use of softeners magnets. Our equipment is mobile and can handle any emergency diesel fuel tank, power machine: 6000 liters per hour.

Tank Cleaning

The washing head ensures a unique and full cleaning of the inside of the tank from all kinds of pollutants that are stuck to the walls.

Before returning the fuel inside the tank an interior drying is made to get rid of water leftovers and humidity using a hot air flow.

The tank and its area are monitored using a gas monitoring device to ensure GAS FREE status throughout the project.

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Tank lining - DANA 2015

The technology provides an upgrade for old single walled underground tanks and is suitable for storage of all existing fuels.

Sealing and monitoring system for leaks.  includes a flexible lining and a vacuum system for real-time monitoring of leaks in tanks. The stored fuel does not come into direct contact with the metal's sides of the tank, thus completely eliminating the internal corrosion process in the leak causing the fuel.


Preventing soil contamination


tanks permanent closure or removal according to environmental regulations which require a clean, tightened and sealant filled tank. 

ערים קניון אזור חדש ימיני משאבה שמאלי חש
fuels sampling and laboratory test

​We perform laboratory testing as an integral part of the work process, to ensure proper quality of diesel fuel in tanks and prevent malfunctions and operational damage in diesel engines.



Farkash Renewable Sources is a leading company in the field of fuel filtering and fuel tanks and piping cleaning. The Company’s team has many years of experience with a wide and deep knowledge of diesel fuel filtering, fuel tank cleaning and replacing old fuel infrastructure in the new. The company sells a range of advanced specialized products that generate financial savings such as patented DE-BUG fuel treatment units, respirators, absorbing moisture tools and additives for fuel and tanks.

Thanks to the unique knowledge accumulated in the company, its customers enjoy significant savings on diesel fuel and maintenance costs, and an improvement in the reliability of diesel engines.

Farkash Renewable Sources combines advanced technologies that ensure short and efficient process of filtering and cleaning the fuel tank, leaving a clean fuel that meets the standard and a clean container free of contaminants. The company also installs fixed filtering systems in diesel fuel tanks - De-Bug -which effectively destroys the organisms that constitute a major problem in long term storage.

Farkash Renewable Sources is committed to high standards of quality, reliability and safety, and uses eco-friendly technologies that save fuel resources. The company is able to recycle all volumes of diesel fuel and in any place, and to deal with any challenge in the fuel sector. The company has a professional, responsible and skilled staff.

Our goal is to help our customers reduce costs, improve performance and increase the reliability of their energy system. We strive to always provide professional service of the highest quality, to meet the expectations of our customers and go even beyond them, and provide support whenever and wherever.





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